Primary Care Specialist

New Hope Medical Clinic

Family Practice located in Gastonia, NC

You can turn to your primary care provider when you have the flu, need a medication refill, or wonder if your heart is healthy. New Hope Medical Clinic is a primary care practice that offers outstanding medical service to people of all ages in Gastonia, North Carolina, and its surrounding communities. These family medicine practitioners offer walk-in services and same-day appointments for common illnesses, offer appointments for medication refills, and management of chronic illnesses such as diabetes. They also know when it’s time you see a cardiologist or other subspecialist. Call today for an appointment to get established, or book your visit online.

Primary Care Q & A

What is a Primary Care Practice?

A primary care practice is essentially the focal point or home for all your healthcare services. When you select a primary care practice as your medical home, you choose the opportunity to establish with a medical provider who remembers your name, has access to records regarding your health history, and knows when to schedule your next set of screening health labs.

The primary care practitioners at New Hope Medical Clinic are equipped to diagnose and treat sudden and long-term chronic illnesses, see your kids for school physicals, and promote health through patient education. You can rely on them to ensure you get the quality medical care you deserve in a welcoming and caring environment.

What are the Advantages of Primary Care?

Healthcare providers in large medical facilities or urgent care clinics are often meeting you for the first time every time. Your primary care professional is familiar with your medical history and has insight into what’s normal for you. This familiarity often enables your primary care practitioner to quickly recognize symptoms that may signal an underlying health issue or worsening control of your diabetes, heart disease, or other serious conditions.

It’s human nature to feel more relaxed with someone you know, especially when it comes to sharing concerns about your health. Recognizing friendly faces can greatly relieve your stress and anxiety about medical visits and treatment. As a patient at New Hope Medical Clinic, you can rely on advanced technology and treatment methods for your illness delivered by a practitioner who knows you as a person rather than a name on their appointment schedule.

As the manager of your health care, your primary care provider also understands when it’s time you see a surgeon about your gallbladder pain or check in with a urologist for persistent urinary symptoms. Your provider can cut through the confusion of choosing a specialist and help coordinate your appointments.  

When Should I See a Primary Care Provider?

Barring a health crisis or traumatic injury that requires treatment at the nearest emergency department, you can see your primary care provider for all your health care needs, including:

  • Annual checkups and other physical exams, including work, school, and sports physicals
  • Colds, earaches, stomach viruses, and a myriad of other common illnesses
  • Diagnosis and medical management of diabetes, heart disease, arthritis, asthma, and other chronic illnesses